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Wondering through one of the largest National Parks in Sri Lanka and escaping into the wild from your daily routine is made possible by Mahoora Safari Camping in Wilpattu. Adventure and nature lovers are in for a treat when exploring the park and what more when you have tents set up in the wilderness? Mahoora offers relaxing and comfortable tented accommodation while guests can choose from categories depending on their budget and living requirements. Meals are offered within the camp while en-suite bathroom facilities are available for the convenience of guests within the campsite itself. 4WD jeep safaris can be arranged to explore the park.


Mahoora Safari Camping offers you the delightful option of camping in the oldest and largest National Park in Sri Lanka - Wilpattu. Translated in to the "Land of Lakes", the Park contains a number of natural sand-rimmed water basins that fill up with rainwater. Wilpattu is located in the North-western coastal lowland dry zone while it is about 180km North of the commercial hub of Colombo. The nearest city Puttalam is about 26km away while the park covers a land area of over 131000 hectares. Trains are available up to Puttalam or transport can be organized from the Bandaranaike International Airport in Katunayake.


Two types of tent accommodation options are offered by Mahoora Safari Camping in Wilpattu. The two categories that you can choose from include the Mahoora Explorer and Mahoora Elite. Guests can enjoy similar features in both tents except that the Elite Category offers more space and additional facilities. Standard features include raised or single beds, fresh linen, en-suite bathroom, hot and cold water facilities, laptop and digital camera charging facilities within the campsite, jeep facilities for adventure safaris and electric illumination from 6.00 to 11.00 pm in the night and in the morning upon request.


The Mahoora Campsite in Wilpattu offers meals that are freshly prepared onsite. The campsite features a well equipped and tented kitchen area which consists of refrigerator and freezer facilities. For campers who choose the Mahoora Elite category, you can enjoy a seven course dinner with signature specialties for one night and live cooking stations for breakfast offering Sri Lankan and continental dishes along with unlimited local alcoholic beverages ranging from gin, beer and arrack to imported wines as well as tea and coffee. These facilities are all inclusive while extra payments are not required. For guests who choose the Explorer category, there is a BBQ dinner which is arranged for one night and basic a la carte meals for extras. A limited quantity of beer is offered for no extra cost.


4WD safari jeeps are the best mode of transportation when exploring the diverse terrain that makes up the Wilpattu National Park. However, there are only a few visitors to the park compared to other National Parks and hence the wildlife within the park hardly has any contact with humans enabling you to witness them in its natural habitat. The Wilpattu National Park is well known for its Sri Lankan leopard population which is also the largest species living in Asia. Additionally, the park is also home to the Sri Lankan sloth bear which is also an endangered species with less than 1000 living in the wild. Many species of birds can also be spotted in the Park making it perfect for photography and nature enthusiasts.


4WD Jeep Safaris are organized for guests to explore the magnificent Wilpattu National Park.

H/C Water

All tents boast of en-suite bathroom facilities with Hot and Cold water.

Eco Friendly

Mahoora Safari Camping is an Eco-friendly venture promising best ethics to be in harmony with nature.